Panda Gamepad Pro v1.4.6 (Patched)

Panda Gamepad Pro APK is an application that allows you to connect a gamepad to your mobile phone to be able to control and manipulate more simply.

Currently, there are many shooting titles that use a lot of buttons on the screen, such as PUBG MobileFortniteRules Of Survival, … And if you don’t practice a lot, it will be difficult to control skillfully. However, with this great application, you can link your gamepad to set up and control it more simply and easily than ever.

Panda Gaming Studio hopes that gamers can play games on their phones more simply so they developed Panda Gamepad Pro. Although it is just a Beta version, it has been very much interested in many people. So what are its salient features? Let’s find out with me!

Keymapper is designed specifically for the gamepad

First, you must open the game through this application to connect the gamepad to your phone device. After that, Panda Gamepad Pro will provide you with a classic gamepad with full features that has been specified. And then you have to link the buttons to fit the touch buttons on the phone screen. So, after the installation and adjustment process is completed, your last step is to join and enjoy your favorite game. It’s simple, right?

Panda Gamepad Pro fully supports wireless gamepad only but does not accept mouse with wireless keyboards. Therefore, you need to take note of this to avoid wondering why the application does not accept the device.


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