Malware Reverse Engineering (Course + Tutorial)

What is Reverse Engineering?

Reverse engineering malware is the process of taking a captured executable (a stand-alone executable or a library file, such as a DLL) and doing the computer equivalent of an MRI. … You can exploit test conditions that may have been designed to make the malware appear benign under certain conditions.

Purpose of Reverse Engineering

Reverseengineering is used for many purposes: as a learning tool; as a way to make new, compatible products that are cheaper than what’s currently on the market; for making software interoperate more effectively or to bridge data between different operating systems or databases; and to uncover the undocumented 

Reverse engineering is used in software design to enable the programmer or developer to incorporate new features into existing software whether the source code is known or not. … In software securityreverse engineering is widely used to ensure that the system lacks any major security flaws or vulnerability.

Note: Backup the Course before it’s deleted.


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