What is Internet Speed and How is Internet Speed Measured?

Internet speed refers to the speed which data or content travels from the World Wide Web to your home computer, tablet, or smartphone. The speed of this data is measured in megabits per second (Mbps). One megabit is equal to 1,024 kilobits. This conversion means 1.0 Mbps is more than 1,000 times faster than 1.0 kilobits per second (Kbps). High-speed Internet connection known as broadband (broad bandwidth) is defined by download speeds of at least 768 Kbps and upload speeds of at least 200 Kbps.

The difference between download speeds and upload speeds can be explained in the following way: download speed refers to the rate that digital data is transferred from the Internet to your computer, while upload speed is the rate that online data is transferred from your computer to the Internet.

Internet speeds may vary based on the configuration and performance of computers, hardware, software, applications and other equipment systems. Running multiple devices off the same home network will increase the demand of your home’s Internet system and may affect Internet speeds or Internet connection.

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