DedSec Android Course

Dedsec is one of the famous youtuber. He do lots of courses on hacking and other things which related to Hacking. As others said he is one of the best Youtube Influencer for teaching Hacking in hindi. He has upto 8 courses all in hindi.

Introduction to Android Hacking – Hacking Applications, Hacking Tools and Resources, and How to Secure Your Android Device from Getting Hacked. … Security is a major part of the Android ecosystem. Android was created with openness in mind, and is conducive to the use of third party applications and cloud-based services

All this courses really gives a best knowledge in hacking and computer field. Dedsec doing really a hard job for getting and sharing knowledge in Hindi-Urdu. We are completely against to do piracy of this courses, but, due to lots of request we will provide this courses FREE. 

If you have money then , please go for buy original from there Dedsec official website. All this courses are worth it for money. This course is leaked by INDIAN BLACKHAT and shared on xendrive. There is Lots of Other Hackers who also publish there Own Hacking courses Most new courses of Dedsec also available within this week, till stay connected and share our post
at your socials. Any other course you need just write down a comment and we will provide it free for you.


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